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To Become a Member

Welcome to VRCAS. As a new pilot or relocated accomplished pilot, please take note. In order to become a member in good standing you will have to:

A: Complete what we refer to as a new club member safety orientation.

B: Fill out the membership form and pay an initiation fee and annual fees.

C: To fly at the Society's site(s) a member in good standing (ordinary or junior),
must also be a current member of MAAC (Model Aeronautics Association of Canada).

The orientation consists of a one on one introduction to our field.
You will become knowledgeable in the society's constitution, field etiquette, rules, and MAAC safety guidelines.
This orientation is your responsibility. You can discuss receiving this orientation at the time you pick up this package.
You can contact any of the officers or directors listed on the
Contact Page

Or you can have any member in good standing of the VRCAS perform this with you. You can speak to the chief flying instructor, or any of the other instructors, and make arrangements to meet at the field. The goal: to become familiar with our local field, safety pertaining to this field, to understand the importance of pilot/field and equipment procedures, and to make contacts. The constitution and bylaws (in this package) explains many important facts. We recommend reading it as the first step to becoming a new member. Once the orientation has been completed, have the pilot(s) sign your membership form. Once this is done you can pay your initiation fee and annual fees to any member of the executive, but preferably to the membership director, or the secretary. You can also (if you have not already done so) pay your MAAC fees at the same time, and include them on the membership application form along with your initiation and annual fees.

Upon completion of all this, you will be a member of the VRCAS in good standing.
There are many members in your new club willing to help you out.
You can make your presence/status know when you arrive at the field.
You can attend a Tuesday evening training night, an evening of flying when preference is given to the new pilots.
You can also attend the regular meetings of the society (second Wednesday of the month, --- September through April --- at the Vernon Flying Clubhouse at the Vernon airport.

All the best to you in the world of Radio Control Aviation

See you at the field!


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