(These are not part of our incorporation, but are the basis of our club safety procedures and are used for orientation purposes)


a) The field is open for flying 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, however no motors are to be started before 8:00 am.

b) Unsupervised spectators and visitors are prohibited from flight areas and pilot operating locations.

c) All motor vehicles will be parked at least 100 feet from the flying area.

d) Pyrotechnic and explosive projectiles are not permitted to be carried or activated by model aircraft.

e) No pulsejet, rocket, or gas turbine powered aircraft are permitted..

f) The executive will lock the gate during break-up and no member is to use the road until the gate is unlocked by the Executive.

g) All engine testing and breaking in of engines shall be done in a designated area (south end of our fence near the out-houses) which will be well away from the clubhouse.

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